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In the spring/summer of 2015 we set out to design and construct the world’s highest quality virtual reality camera. The result of that effort was EYE™. Lessons we learned from that project are now reflected in our Mini EYE™ range of professional 360 cameras, various custom cameras we design for a range of professional clients, and one-off, experimental cameras such as BB360, designed for AMD.

We wanted to solve the challenge of capturing live action 3D VR, with 3D stereo in all 3 axes, while offering partial 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) for the viewer. It’s a theoretical concept as the software and hardware to render such video does not exist yet. In short we believe such a camera and system represents the future of live action VR, and will be the preferred consumption approach. Full 6DOF is good in theory, but does not account for how people will predominantly consume live action VR, which is generally sitting. So full 6DOF is not needed, and partial 6DOF allows the viewer to tilt their head, lean forward and back, etc, which we think is a good compromise. It also has the benefit of obviating the need for any control method/input for maneuvering within the 3D space.

We built the prototype seen here and have a blog post with more details. The camera is capable of stitching 2 x 14k left and right videos, and is designed to use a photogrammetry/point cloud/CGI based approach to stitching, to offer the 6DOF capabilities described above, but can also be used for regular stitching and optical flow stitching, in both mono and stereo (3D) configurations.

This original EYE™ design seen here is deprecated, but newer versions have been developed for clients including a custom 32 camera version for AMD.

If you are looking for a professional 360 camera, that is available now, and considered the best in the industry, please take a look at our popular Mini EYE cameras.

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42 broadcast quality camera and microphones capture
the world in all directions, at Ridiculous Resolution™




Degree Capture


Megapixel Resolution

Eye VR Camera




Axis 3D Video


Hour Battery Life


Leading industry insiders and futurists believe Virtual Reality will become the biggest entertainment medium of all time. The possibilities for VR video are limited only by your imagination.

Virtual Reality offers incredible opportunity for streaming live sports events. Not everyone can get to a game, but with VR video, you can experience the thrills of a major sporting event, as if you’ve teleported there.

Sports Stadium

With VR video, the entire world can now attend a gig. Artists, promoters, portals and in-home entertainment providers are among those who can benefit from widening a concert going or festival audience, to include immersive VR viewers at home.

Cinematic VR offers radical new opportunities for Directors. It could be as important a development to the film business as sound or color. It’s the move from a 40 degree field of view to 360 degrees, from viewing to immersion.

Location film set





360 Design's patent pending 3-Axis video technology takes VR video to the pinnacle of 'world capture'. Our camera is the only in the world to capture 3D video in all 3 axis of head movement - pitch, roll and turn, ensuring a full stereoscopic image, no matter which way your viewer turns their head. All at Ridiculous Resolution™.




360 Designs Demo (Download Hi-Res version)


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