Mini EYE™ 4 Professional 360 Camera


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Mini EYE™ 4 is your ticket to professional-grade cinematic 360 productions with increased overlap for advanced post production techniques. Create stunning 360 productions at up to 6k.

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Leveraging the incredible performance of the Blackmagic Micro Cameras, this increased overlap, professional 360 camera, provides you a wealth of options for advanced post production techniques and the best 360 image quality on the market.

Paired with the Micro Cinema Cameras, you have RAW internal recording, 13 stops of dynamic range and incredibly gradable footage.

Choose the Micro Studio Cameras, and you have resolution up to 6k, with broadcast grade SDI connections, ATEM control options and 10 bit color.

Want to switch between the two? Our modular system makes this easy. All cameras, cables, and mounts are completely interchangeable, and between this and our Mini EYE™ 3


Pro 360 Camera Features

  • Fully spherical professional 360 video rig in a compact form factor
  • 4 cameras for increased overlap, allowing for professional post production and advanced stitching techniques
  • The best image and quality on the market – 10 Bit colour, Blackmagic quality
  • Fully genlocked with everything you need for perfect frame synchronization up to 60fps (includes broadcast grade genlock sync generator)
  • 3K or 6k stitched output (Micro Cinema Camera or Micro Studio Camera)
  • HFOV 600 degrees – 60 degrees of overlap per stitch line for advanced stitching and rotoscoping techniques
  • VFOV 380 degrees – fully spherical video, no zenith or nadir hole, with just 4 cameras
  • Remote control possible including live color correction using broadcast standard ATEM controllers (with Micro Studio Cameras)
  • Blends in perfectly with professional broadcast and cinematic equipment, live streaming productions, sports, concerts, festivals, etc
  • Exclusive custom lens package, with professional calibration and per-camera lens matching for all lenses (why this is important)
  • Elegant, contemporary appearance with custom lens barrels exclusive to 360 Designs
  • The 360 Designs J-Box, that simplifies all connections and power
  • All locking connections… throughout
  • Robust, low weight, CNC Aluminum rig frame, with useful 1/4-20, 3/8-16 and M6 mount holes around the bottom and on the top (under the rubber lid)
  • Modular, dual-position rig frame design (rotate each camera 180 degrees for preferred cable entry position)
  • Patent pending, rear battery mount system
  • Pro-grade (included) D-Tap battery cable, for powering the entire system off a single battery pack – Anton Bauer, Frezzi, Switronix etc
  • All cameras and accessories can be powered off a single AC adapter (included) which uses an industry standard 4-pin XLR cable
  • Comes virtually ready to shoot (add media and batteries for the cinema cams, or, recorders and batteries for the studio cams)
  • Readily stitchable with Autopano Video, Videostitch Studio, Vahana, Nuke (Cara VR), Blackmagic Fusion, PT Gui, etc

Kitted out with the Micro Cinema Cameras, you have the most capable compact VR film camera on the market. Kitted out with the Micro Studio Cameras, you have ultra high resolution 6k 360 video, and a very capable live 360 streaming solution, with increased overlap, providing options for advanced post production of the footage if needed.

We provide everything you need to capture cinematic 360 content in a single carry-on sized pelican case. Our modular system allows flexibility for when you want to add new capabilities. Break out the cameras to use for a traditional 2D production, or swap in a Mini EYE 3 rig frame when you are shooting live or long form events. Your core investment is protected as opposed to an ‘all-in-one’ 360 camera solution.

We have had customers who buy the micro cinema camera kit first, and add the micro studio cameras later (all interchangeable). Others choose a Mini EYE™ 4 package, and add a Mini EYE™ 3 rig frame, for relatively little additional outlay.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, and by selling a relatively small number of cameras, at the top end of the market, we can offer our customers a more personalized service, and develop custom solutions if needed. We frequently work with our customers to develop custom rigs and equipment.

In general we design products that we ourselves would want to use. The same people who design our cameras are out using them on major productions.  Essentially our cameras are designed by professional camera operators, to meet the needs of fellow professional camera operators and DP’s. Other 360 cameras are typically not designed by people with relevant camera or production experience. This includes virtually all of the high end cameras currently on the market.


360 Camera Package Contents

  • 3rd Edition Mini EYE™ 4 rig frame in CNC Milled Aluminum, with new anodized finish, custom designed and hand built by 360 Designs in California, with improved cables, 3rd generation J-Box, improved camera mounts and improved lens barrels
  • Four Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras, or Four Micro Studio Cameras (read our FAQ question – Should I get the Micro Cinema Cameras or Micro Studio Cameras?)
  • Four high quality, brand name lenses, the best in the business. Featuring custom lens barrels by 360 Designs, and (crucially) professionally calibrated and matched per camera (Why this is important)
  • Four Mini EYE™ modular camera mounts (improved moulded design) with 180 degree (flip) feature
  • Our easy-to-use 4 camera J-Box – vastly simplifying cabling and setup (be set up in under 2 minutes) with all locking connections
  • Four x 6 ft. hand-made heavy duty custom rubber XLR->Blackmagic cables for power + genlock in one cable, feat. Mogami cable, Amphenol and Neutrik connectors
  • High quality, broadcast grade, locking genlock cable
  • Included Blackmagic Sync Generator and custom power cable (to power from the J-Box) with recommended sync settings
  • High power AC Adapter with industry standard locking 4-pin XLR connector – Powers entire system from a single source
  • D-Tap Anton Bauer cable -> locking 4-pin XLR connector – add the professional battery of your choice for system power
  • Four 12″ Mini SDI to SDI adapter tails (if ordering the Micro Studio Cameras) to connect to the recorder or SDI cabling of your choice
  • Carry on, fully waterproof, floating, Pelican case with wheels and pull handle – ships virtually ready to shoot™
  • 360 Designs Accessory Kit (Includes lens calibration tool, lens calibration instructions, bench testing kit)
  • Spares Kit

* All specifications are subject to minor changes (improvements) over time. Some gallery photos may show older equipment – e.g. older lens barrels or rig frames

More equipment and accessories to improve professional 360 video capture are planned for our Mini EYE™ range. All our mounts and systems are interchangeable. Mini EYE™ is an ecosystem for professional 360 camera rigs using Blackmagic cameras.


Limited Second Edition

A second (unique) chance to own the highest quality and most versatile 360 camera on the market, with various improvements over our first edition.


More Info

We have a regularly updated FAQ that answers 90% of the questions we have been asked recently.
New demo footage (Oct 2016) can be downloaded from our Dropbox folder

Weight of Camera: 7 lbs (loaded with 4 cameras)
Package Weight: 26 lbs (in Pelican case with all components), 24 lbs without cameras
Rig Dimensions with cameras (max span): 12″ x 12″ x 4″

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Choice of Camera Head

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera, No Cameras