Live 360 Production

CNN Control Room for Eclipse 360 Broadcast in Live 360 VR


360 Designs is the world’s leading live 360 production company offering live 360 production services to brand name clients in sports, music and events. As recognized pioneers within the industry, we are the only such company that manufactures its own cameras and specialized 360 video equipment.

  • As experts in live 360 video production, we are the makers of the industry’s most capable professional 360 camera (Mini EYE™) and the leading live 360 stitching equipment (StitchBox™ & MixBox™)
  • We have live streamed VR from the Oscars red carpet, music festivals, award shows, Champions League soccer in Europe, other major league sporting events, and much more
  • We were hired as the sole Live VR production company by CNN for their groundbreaking Eclipse 360 Broadcast – the largest live VR broadcast in history, with 6 million live viewers
  • In partnership with others, our equipment and crew were used for the highly acclaimed Coachella LIVE 360 broadcast
  • Our past and present customers include Google, MTV, ABC/Disney, CNN, Red Bull, AP, PBS, Nokia, Sony Music, Nvidia, AMD, The Mill, and other VR production companies
  • The creative philosophy of our expert team stems from an extensive background in live television broadcasting, and we apply the same impeccable creative standards to our live 360 broadcasts.
  • We are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is technically and creatively possible. We built the world’s first live 360 broadcast quality drone, capable of flawless, zero latency 6K streaming in 360 video from the sky. We pioneered multi-camera live 360 productions, broadcast quality multi-camera switching, 2D Picture-in-Picture, remote control motion track 360 cameras, gyro-stabilized crowd cameras, 360 pole cameras, remote controlled 360 rovers, and complex microwave and satellite backhaul for 360 video (getting live 360 video from remote locations). We own all our own equipment and are able to leverage this one-of-a-kind bespoke equipment and expertise for your next live 360 production… no matter where it is.

No other company is able to offer this kind of vertically integrated, live 360 production, creative and technical expertise.