Flying EYE™


Flying EYE™ is the world’s first broadcast quality, live streaming VR drone.

Offering 6K of stunning live resolution, you can now broadcast in high resolution 360 video, from the sky, to YouTube, Facebook, a custom app and beyond.

This allows your viewers to ‘fly like a bird’, live, in fully immersive virtual reality video.

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Flying EYE™ is a complete, live streaming, professional grade, wireless VR drone system:

  • World’s leading live VR camera (Mini EYE™ 3 and other 3 camera VR rigs)
  • Introducing Breeze™ – Our ultra high quality, broadcast grade, low latency 6K wireless video system
  • Flying EYE™ 360 camera stabilization system
  • Tried-and-tested drone platform (Matrice 600 Pro by DJI)
  • Ground station – provides stitched 4K SDI, 6K NDI, and 6K H.265 (HEVC) outputs

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Flying EYE™ Features:

  • Can be used for live and non-live 6K VR acquisition – with recordings made on the ground or in the air
  • Designed for integration into broadcast quality, multi-camera Live VR productions
  • Ultra high quality custom 6K wireless video system offers virtually uncompressed, low latency video transfer
  • Max wireless video range: 3-6 miles
  • Flying time between battery changes: 10-12 mins (to 20% charge)
  • Product is custom built and can be fully customized to your requirements
  • Available for purchase, rental or as a service (please contact us for details)

Camera Features of Flying EYE™

  • Fully immersive live 360 video
  • Live stitcher is included
  • 3K 60, 4K 30 or 6K 30 resolution (stitched output)
  • The best image and picture quality on the market – 10 Bit colour, Blackmagic picture quality and color science
  • HFOV 450 degrees – perfect for live use, 30 degrees of overlap per stitch line for post production
  • VFOV 380 degrees – fully spherical video, no zenith or nadir hole
  • Professional grade 6G SDI output (4K), or, 6K NDI or 6K H.265 (HEVC) IP stream over ethernet
  • Blends in perfectly with professional broadcast equipment for live VR sports, music, news, current affairs and events
  • Exclusive broadcast lens package, with professional calibration and per-camera lens matching for all lenses (why this is important)
  • Reliable system, all locking connections
  • Flexible platform can be used for other applications (including 2D)

For more details please see the relevant product pages for Mini EYE 3, Matrice 600 Pro and the Blackmagic Micro Studio Cameras

Flying EYE™ Technical Specs

Breeze™ – 6K Professional Wireless Video Transmission System

Main Specs

  • Max Video Resolution: 6K 30fps
  • Color: 10 bit near uncompressed
  • Latency: <1 sec

Breeze™ Input Connections

  • Breeze™ Video Inputs: 3 x 6G SDI (4K 10 bit uncompressed)

Breeeze™ Processing

  • Modes: Single 2D camera or 360 Camera
  • Live Stitching: Built in
  • Live Stitcher Capability (30fps): Can stitch 3 x 4K inputs,  to 4K or 6K stitched output
  • Live Stitcher Capability (60fps): Can stitch 3 x HD inputs, to 3K output at 60fps

Breeze™ Output Connections

  • Video Output: 1 x 6G SDI (Max 4K30 10 bit uncompressed video output)
  • IP Stream (Ethernet) Video Output: 6K NDI or 6K 30fps H.265 / HEVC

Breeze™ Audio

  • Audio Channels: 6 Audio channels
  • Sampling: 48Khz 24bit
  • Microphones: Can use built-in on-camera (Blackmagic) microphones (6 total) or up to 6 external microphones

Flying EYE™ Package Contents

  • Matrice 600 Pro Commercial UAV (Drone)
  • Full Mini EYE™ 3 camera package with Micro Studio Cameras
  • Camera stabilization system
  • Introducing Breeze™ – 6K Low Latency Broadcast Quality Wireless Video System (includes ground station)
  • Flight cases, for everything
  • Extra batteries and accessories

A reminder the package can be customized to meet your requirements. All systems are hand made to order in California.


  • Due to the cost and lead time for Flying EYE™, we recommend potential purchasers contact us before placing an order
  • Cost can vary considerably from $75,000 upwards, depending on needs
  • Typical lead time: 6-10 weeks
  • Specifications are subject to change and improvement over time


Important Shipping Info

  • Due to the size of this system, the online shipping tool will likely not quote the best shipping price. To purchase and get the best domestic and international shipping rates, please contact us

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Weight 120 lbs
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