360/VR/VFX Camera Design

We’ve built custom 360 camera rigs for some of the biggest companies in the world, along with top agencies, VFX houses, production companies and broadcasters. Here is a selection of custom rigs we’ve designed and built.

We employ a range of techniques including a 5-axis computer controlled CNC mill, 3D printing (including cutting edge 3D printing materials like carbon fiber), and custom PCB design and engineering, to build innovative multi-camera rigs for our customers worldwide. We are the leading experts on the Blackmagic micro cameras, were the first to identify their suitability for 360/VR/Multi-camera rigs, the first to identify the best lenses, and have built more than 50 camera arrays with them for customers worldwide.

We’ve built mono 360 cameras, stereo 360 cameras, cameras for computational photography stitching, dome cameras, weatherproof cameras, drone cameras, crane cameras, and many more.

Please reach out if you would like us to quote on a custom rig for your next project. Typical lead times are 6-8 weeks.

If your company is looking to develop its own VR camera, we are the recognized experts in designing and building professional custom VR cameras. We act as fully outsourced custom VR camera and system builders.

We have designed and built custom VR camera rigs and custom 360 cameras for a range of clients. We are recognized experts in the Blackmagic micro cameras, which offer an excellent blend of high quality, low cost, small form factor and rig-friendly features.

As experienced camera people, we build rigs that we ourselves would want to use, for the particular project in hand. We can save months of R&D time through the R&D experience that we’ve already done with these cameras. We’ve tested every lens, we’ve learned what works, and we have a system that allows for rapid prototyping.

Our modular approach to rig building and rig design means we can leverage our experience to rapidly prototype and build a rig specially for you. We have designed, built, and delivered completely custom VR cameras in as little as 72 hours, although a typical timeframe is 6-8 weeks.

We can build any kind of rig you might want to whatever specifications you wish. We can guide as to the best design for your needs, and provide consultation on where you can the most value, and in general offer a highly personalized service.

Please view our gallery on this page to see some of the custom rigs we’ve built in the past, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.