Belafonte™ Remote Control System for Blackmagic Micro Cameras


Belafonte™ is our innovative 360 camera control system that makes operating Mini EYE™ easy. It can also be used to add remote control and genlock to any Blackmagic based VR rig.

Belafonte™ is available for pre-order with a deposit and will ship May 2017 following NAB. Full details below.

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Belafonte™ is an innovative hardware and software control system, which consists of a ‘smart’ J-Box, and an iOS app, as well as other advanced control options, that let you start/stop all the cameras in a Blackmagic Micro Camera based rig, at once, with frame-level accuracy, as well as frame sync all the cameras using a built-in sync generator (genlock), adjust the white balance, shutter and ISO/gain, via any of several control methods.

You can control each camera individually, or globally, and the system works with both the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras and Blackmagic Micro Studio Cameras.

With a variety of control options, the Belafonte J-Box is the ideal control unit for any Blackmagic Micro Camera based array, 360 camera, or VR rig, and is 100% compatible with our Mini EYE™ cameras.

For most applications, a convenient iOS app offers the easiest way to control the cameras. You can start/stop up to 6 Blackmagic micro cameras, and the file recorded to each camera (or external recorder) will begin at the exact same frame, and stop at the same frame, staying in sync throughout.

Alternative options for controlling the cameras include:

  • Browser based API commands (the J-Box has a built in WiFi access point)
  • RS232
  • Connect a simple on/off switch, for hardwired start/stop operation

Using an advanced FPGA system design, and user upgradeable firmware, this is a system that can grow in features over time.

Belafonte™ is a mini brain for your Mini EYE™ or other multi-camera Blackmagic rig. We’ve been designing it for almost a year, and we’re excited to make it available soon!


Belafonte™ Features

  • Works with Mini EYE™ or any Blackmagic based VR rig up to 6 cameras (with one box)
  • Built in Wi-Fi access point
  • iOS, wired and wireless (WiFi) remote control using the same unit
  • Control all cameras globally, or individually
  • Start/Stop all cameras with frame level accuracy (Micro Cinema Cameras)
  • Start/Stop all external recorders, with frame level accuracy (Micro Studio Cameras), using time of day, or record run timecode, via the recorder’s audio input. The J-Box provides a timecode audio output, triggered by the start/stop operation of the controller*.
  • Adjust white balance
  • Adjust shutter angle / speed
  • Adjust ISO / gain
  • Track recording time with built-in timer (on iPhone app)
  • Built in 6 way video switch with composite BNC video output – select any camera for monitoring on this connection (Micro Cinema Camera only)
  • 1/8” jack socket for hard-wired start/stop
  • Browser based API
  • Built in sync generator (adjust frame rate via iPhone app)
  • Replaces existing J-Box on a Mini EYE™ system (can be used as a spare)
  • All locking connections throughout
  • Built in power regulation and distribution, runs off a single professional 4-pin XLR 12v-15v input
  • Custom made, rugged, 7-core professional cable used for the connection to each camera (4 cables included)

* Feature under development


Advanced Features

We’ve designed a simple API that allows commands to be sent to the J-Box over Wi-Fi to control all functions. Access to the API is included with your purchase.

For custom applications, or long range remote control, you can use the included RS232 input port to send serial commands to control the camera (feature under development). This opens up a wide range of options. You can use a USB to RS232 adapter for example to control the box via USB (no software provided), same for ethernet. There are long range serial wireless modems which offer substantially better reliability and distance than WiFi.


Belafonte Package Contents

  • Belafonte ‘smart’ J-Box
  • 4 x 6′ feet 7-core camera cables (will also be available separately)
  • iPhone app
  • High power AC Adapter with industry standard 4-pin XLR connector – Ability to power all cameras plus the Smart J-Box
  • D-Tap Anton Bauer cable -> locking 4-pin XLR connector – add the professional battery of your choice to power the whole system
  • Matching locking 1/8″ plug (to roll your own hardwired remote)


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More Info

This product is in active late stage development and features or specifications may change slightly.

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