Mini EYE™ Rig Frame – 3D Print File


Print your own Mini EYE™ rig frame with a 3D printer!

For the first time you can now ‘roll your own’ Mini EYE™, at a fraction of the cost of our CNC rig frame. Simply add our camera mount kit, and 3D print accessory kit, and you have everything you need to make your own mount.

This is an economical way of getting started with the industry’s most desired 360 camera.

Add our Mini EYE™ Lens & Camera Starter Kit, and you can start shooting top quality professional 360 video, for under $8,000 – no cheeseplate required.

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Our earliest shipping versions of Mini EYE™ were 3D printed, and now that we’re shipping CNC Aluminum versions, it makes sense to open up the kimono and offer a more economical option for those with access to 3D printers.

Many students now have access to 3D printers through universities and schools, more and more small businesses are buying them, and individuals too. We hope this initiative will allow a wider range of people to get started with Mini EYE™, and shooting top quality professional 360 video.


Key Features


Easy to Understand License

  • Individuals, schools, and companies with less than 5 employees, who purchase this file, may print and use up to three (3) working frames per purchase
  • Companies with 5 employees or more may print one (1) working frame per purchase
  • Users may not sell or ‘barter’ rig frames they make, but can give away two (2) for free per purchase, assuming the recipient agrees to the same relevant terms as this license
  • All users must purchase and use our official camera mounts, and report any instances of non-official mounts they find (active discouragement or disparagement is appreciated)
  • You may not share the .STL file under any circumstances – it’s licensed only to you. On no account share it on a 3D model share site or with a friend or colleague.
  • You may modify the rig frame or .STL file if you wish. Just contact us if you would like to share any modifications publicly.

Please note the 3D print file BETA is provided ‘as-is’, with no support. We are not responsible for any damages caused through use of these files.


Recommended 3D Print Settings

  • Layer Height – 0.2mm
  • Infill – 65%
  • Support Needed: Yes
  • Support Infill: 30%
  • Raft Needed: No
  • Top Solid Layers – 4
  • Bottom Solid Layers – 4
  • Outline/Perimeter rings – 3


Recommended 3D Print Materials

  • ABS (recommended) – Very tough and virtually indestructible. Due to the heavy concentration of print material at the base, ensure the ambient temperature is as close to that of the print bed, to avoid ABS heat warping issues.
  • PLA (easier than ABS, and no toxic fumes) – The frame prints great with PLA, but be aware that PLA can deform in extreme heat, e.g. left in a car on a hot day. This is particularly the case if you use a dark colored PLA.
  • PLA/PHA – We used to like this for its improved temperature handling, strength, and ease of printing, but ABS is our preferred material for camera rigs now
  • Carbon Fiber – Can come out really really nice (advanced – tricky to get right)
  • Wood – For an alternative look, and pleasant smell. We recommend printing a raft to avoid curling.

We’ve tried other materials, but had less satisfactory results. Your mileage may vary.


Other Items to Consider


Additional information

Type of Camera

Mini EYE™ 3, Mini EYE™ 4