Mini EYE™ Camera Mount Kit


Our patent pending camera mount system, as supplied with Mini EYE™.

These mate the cameras to the rig frame, and use the rear battery mount of the Blackmagic micro cameras to attach in a convenient and practical way.

These can be used as replacements for existing rigs, or in conjunction with our Mini EYE™ Rig Frame – 3D Print File which allows you to 3D print your own rig frame.

Kit comes as a pack of 3 or 4 camera mounts (4 camera mounts shown).

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The idea of using the rear battery mount of the Blackmagic Micro Cameras to mount the cameras in a 360 array came to us early on. We realized we needed the ability to replace cameras easily, and swap them between different rigs. We regularly switch between Mini EYE™ 3 and 4, and often between micro cinema cameras and micro studio cameras.

Practitioners in the industry understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ for VR rigs. We realized flexibility to approach is the key, and modularity is the ticket. The ability to quickly swap out these amazing cameras and use them for other things, even non 360 work, is a major benefit of the Mini EYE™ approach.

Implementing the battery mount was not easy. The battery mounts are not designed for this purpose. They work really well, but the tolerances are devilishly tricky. We still hand finish each mount by hand, to get a good fit. It’s the reason we don’t offer a 3D print file for the mounts. It would be too frustrating for people.

This is our 3rd incarnation of our Mini EYE™ camera mounts. They are cast moulded (not 3D printed) and then hand finished.

Due to the hand finishing, cosmetic imperfections will exist (from the sanding). These are not visible when the cameras are mounted.

Camera Mount Kit Contents

  • 3, or 4 hand finished, moulded camera mounts, compatible with our Mini EYE™ 3 and 4 rig frames
  • 5 camera mount bolts (1 or 2 spares) – compatible with both our CNC Rig Frame and 3D Print Frame

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