Mini EYE™ 3D Print Accessory Kit


Completes what you need to ‘roll your own‘ Mini EYE™.

Includes solid metal tripod mount block, designed to fit into the base of our 3D printed rig frame, as well as a Mini EYE™ rubber lid which fits into the top.



This kit lets you put the finishing touches on a make your own Mini EYE™. It complements our Mini EYE™ Rig Frame – 3D Print File and is required to be able to mount the rig frame to a tripod or monopod.

With this kit you can easily add an industry standard 3/8-16 tripod mount to the base of your 3D printed rig frame. It fits into a custom designed recess in the base of the frame, and can be affixed with super glue or JB plastic weld.

The rubber lid is the same rubber lid supplied with our full Mini EYE™ cameras, and fits into the top of the 3D printed frame or CNC frame.


3D Print Accessory Kit Contents

  • Solid metal tripod mount block (3/8-16 thread)
  • 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 thread adapter (we recommend using 3/8-16 for Mini EYE™ if at all possible)
  • Mini EYE™ 3 or 4 rubber lid


Other Items to Consider


More Info

If using super glue to mount the tripod block to the 3D printed frame, we recommend a gap filling (i.e. thick) glue. We’ve had good success with Loctite Super Glue Gel Control (Blue bottle) for both ABS and PLA, and we also have had good success with Zap-a-Gap, JB PlasticWeld and Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder. For the most secure fit we recommend roughing the surfaces of the tripod mount block with a Dremel before glueing into place. You can safely rough it until all the black oxide covering has come off, and the metal beneath is exposed. Do not rough the surface that will mount to the tripod i.e. the bottom (for aesthetic reasons).

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Mini EYE™ 3 Version, Mini EYE™ 4 Version