Mini EYE™ CNC Rig Frame


Make your own professional 360 camera rig with Blackmagic micro cameras, using the same high quality CNC aluminum frame used in Mini EYE™.

Perfect if you already own a Mini EYE™ and want to expand your kit, or are building up a Mini EYE™ from individual components.



Previously only available as part of a Mini EYE™ package, you can now purchase our CNC rig frame separately for the first time. This is ideal for 360 camera builders, integrators, and those who already own another Mini EYE™ camera.

Our new v2 CNC rig frames feature a stunning brushed aluminum finish, the same as Apple laptops, with new 1/4-20 mounting holes around the base of the frame, for mounting 4K recorders and other accessories. Other accessory holes on the top and bottom of the frame let you mount microphones or other equipment.

With the Mini EYE™ frame kit you can make your own Blackmagic based 360 camera rig, using the same frame used in Mini EYE™, and on major VR productions.

Each rig frame is expertly CNC milled in the USA on a computer controlled 5-axis mill, and our patent pending camera battery mount system is included in this package. These have extremely tight tolerances for a secure and rigid connection, and we hand finish them to ensure a perfect fit.


Mini EYE™ CNC Rig Frame Kit includes

  • Expertly CNC milled, brushed aluminum and anodized base
  • Brushed and anodized aluminum top piece
  • Included patent pending Mini EYE™ camera mounts, custom designed for the Blackmagic Micro Cameras
  • Moulded rubber lid piece
  • Stainless steel rig bolts
  • Black oxide camera mount bolts
  • Spares kit and hex wrench

These limited 2nd edition rig frames are hand made in small quantities in the USA. Each CNC rig frame is hand engraved with a serial number.


Other Items to Consider


More Info

Item Weight (Mini EYE™ 3 rig frame): 1.5 lbs
Item Weight (Mini EYE™ 4 rig frame): 2.2 lbs
Dimensions (both): 4″ x 4″ x 5″

N.B. If you already own a Mini EYE™ 3 and are looking to add a Mini EYE™ 4 frame to your kit, you will need a 4-camera J-Box in addition to an extra camera, lens and camera cable. If you have a Mini EYE™ 4 and are adding a Mini EYE™ 3 frame, you will have everything you need already. Remember that either way, you can always add additional cameras and accessories in future to have two complete 360 rigs. Please note that at this time we do not offer a single camera plus lens on our website. Contact us and we will hook you up.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in
3 or 4 cameras rig frame

Mini EYE™ 3 Rig Frame, Mini EYE™ 4 Rig Frame

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