Eye Professional VR Camera Kit – 7 Day Rental


This package consists of the Mini EYE™ 3 Professional 360 Camera, featuring Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras or Blackmagic Micro Studio Cameras 4K as follows:

  • Mini EYE™ 3 Professional 360 camera rig frame
  • 3 x Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras (or 3 x Blackmagic Micro Studio Cameras 4K)
  • 3 x 360 Designs Custom Broadcast Fisheye Lens
  • 3 x 512GB SD cards (if Micro Cinema Cameras)
  • 360 Designs power and genlock box (J-Box) for easy hookup with all locking connections, and genlock
  • AC Adapter
  • D-Tap lead for battery operation (Anton Bauer batteries can be quoted separately if needed)
  • Monopod
  • Custom Pelican case

For sample footage please visit our samples folder on dropbox. The Oscars and Eurovision footage was shot with this camera and rig.

Native stitched output resolution is approx 3k (6k with the studio cameras), but can be pushed to 4k effectively. Coverage is fully spherical, with around 450 degrees of horizontal coverage (including overlap).

The camera’s excellent dynamic range, image quality, sensitivity and raw recording capability provide a substantial improvement over ‘action camera’ rigs.

For live use we recommend the Micro Studio Camera 4K, for its color output and locking SDI connections. For non-live use, the Micro Cinema Camera is preferred, unless the highest stitched output resolution is required. You will need external recorders for the Micro Studio Camera for non-live use, or for recording iso’s during a live event. We can provide these recorders at additional cost.

If you plan extensive post production and ‘perfect’ stitching (rotoscoping etc), we’d recommend our Mini EYE™ 4 rig which offers greater overlap between lenses. This is approximately 20% more in terms of cost.