The global coronavirus pandemic has overturned our lives, and along with it the fields of sports, entertainment, events, concerts and trade shows, among many other industries impacted.

We’re happy to say our LA workshop is now reopen again (June 2020) and we are working on projects through fall 2021. Our custom hardware division is once again making custom cameras and video workstations for clients around the world.

Live VR obviously provides an ideal solution to bring your audience back into your stadium, venue or location, while leveraging popular VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest, and the live VR streaming capabilities of YouTube and Facebook.

If your fans can’t be there in person, or if audience numbers are constrained, live VR offers an innovative and compelling solution.

360 Designs is the leading live VR production company and live VR systems integrator in the world. As respected pioneers in this field, we have been responsible for some of the most exciting live VR projects in the industry.

From our base in Hollywood, California we develop and manufacture our own bespoke equipment, and have produced events and equipment for many Fortune 500 clients:

With the recent acquisition of NextVR by Apple, we are the last remaining independent company dedicated to live VR production and live VR systems integration in the country.

For the last 18 months we worked with Toyota to develop a live VR streaming project for the Tokyo Olympics. Since our last update we have also developed the following:

  • A robotic inspection system for a space company
  • A low latency live VR telepresence system for remote surgery in specialist vehicles
  • A live 360 inspection system for a well known industrial company
  • A remote 360 switching system for a Silicon Valley startup

Two of these projects involved complex wireless transmission which is a side specialty of ours.

We are typically working on 1-2 large projects at a time, and on retainer for 2-4 consulting projects.  We regularly advise on standards and best practices for live VR projects, how to achieve the longest, most engaged viewership through best-in-class production and content standards, wireless 360 applications, specialist 360 applications, industrial applications, and custom video workstations.

It’s rare that we can show our most exciting work, but if you have a project involving live VR, ultra-high resolution video workflows (8k+), or wireless video, our skills, knowledge and design abilities are second to none, and are regularly contributing to world class projects from internationally known companies.

We look forward to working with you on your next world class project, and invite you to contact us for a chat.