Dancing with the Stars goes 360… with Mini EYE™

We’re excited to share a video and production we were involved with recently – ABC’s Dancing with the Stars 360.

This incredible 360 video shows just what is possible when you have the very best talent in the business working to produce groundbreaking work. The piece was shot on a Mini EYE™ 4 with micro cinema cameras.

The shot itself was very challenging. 17 dancers moving around the camera, as close as 5 feet in places, surrounded by a crowd on all sides.

The piece itself was a 360 version of the opening number of the show, set to Donna Summer’s Last Dance and choreographed by Mandy Moore. As the show’s first work with 360 video, it has been viewed by more than 1 million people on YouTube and Facebook.

Commenters on YouTube and Facebook were enthusiastic… “Great 360 experience on Gear VR. I feel like I`m really there. Fantastic :)”… “I think I watched it about 4 times, focusing on a different group each time.”

The amazing post production and stitching was directed by Jyrki Rantasuo, with stitching by Shawn Adams. On-set live 360 stitching was provided by 360 Designs.

Big thanks and kudos to our production team – VR Supervisor and DP Ando Shah, and Post Production Supervisor Fabien Soudiere. It was a great team effort.