It’s been a while since we last shared an update. This summer has been a busy one at 360 Designs HQ.

We’ve been continuing work on our Live VR Truck build over the summer, which is an in-house project to create the ultimate live VR production vehicle. The 360 Designs Live VR production truck is designed for producing major live 360 / VR events, as well as traditional 4K camera events, and can handle 10 live 360 cameras or 10 traditional 4K cameras, or any combination of the two.

Live 360 VR Truck Exterior

The live 360 truck will be used for our tentpole live VR productions for brand name clients, and on a case-by-case basis available for use by other 360 companies, TV stations and production companies.

We expect work on the truck to be complete in early 2019. If you have a possible use for the truck, please get in touch. If you have a live VR event that you would like us to produce for you, we’d like to hear from you.

CNN Control Room for Eclipse 360 Broadcast in Live 360 VR

Besides our work on the 360 truck, we’ve been busy with enterprise consulting work, where interest in live 360 video solutions for industrial and commercial projects is at a high. We’ve been designing and building custom cameras and systems integration projects since our inception, but lately this area has notably picked up. We are also seeing considerable interest in wireless 360 and hi-bitrate wireless video transmission, which is an area where we have a great deal of experience.

It’s rare that we can talk much about these enterprise projects, but we’re proud to be doing some fascinating work for some great Fortune 500 clients.

On the hardware side, our Mini EYE cameras and StitchBox products continue to ship to customers all over the world, with Mini EYE 3 + StitchBox continuing to represent the only true broadcast-grade live VR camera solution on the market. Broadcasters and television professionals in particular appreciate the many unique ‘broadcaster friendly’ features our live VR workflow solution provides, and its unique compatibility with SDI. Our live 360 workflow is currently being used by major broadcasters worldwide including CNN, BT Sport and Sky among others.

Mini EYE 3 covering Champions League

We’ve also been building a number of bespoke versions of our 360 cameras, live VR transmission systems, powerful video processing PC’s, and our popular J-Box. Customers for our bespoke hardware include Google, AMD, CNN, Nvidia, PBS and Red Bull among others.

Our StitchBox and MixBox computers have been well received by customers, so much so that we now regularly build ‘barebones’ versions of them to be used as ultra-powerful video workstations, for general purpose 4K-8K use.

To keep track of developments on our truck and more, follow us on Instagram where we are most active.

We hope you have been enjoying your summer (unless of course you live in the southern hemisphere…) and we look forward to sharing our next update!