360 Camera Cable for Blackmagic Micro Cameras


The perfect cable to power and genlock any multi-camera Blackmagic micro camera rig.

This is the same cable used with our popular Mini EYE™ 360 cameras and works with our J-Box.

Available separately for the first time, these are now available for general sale. Cable is sold individually.

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Exclusively hand made by 360 Designs in California, our robust, weatherproof, and all locking camera cables have been custom designed to power and synchronize (genlock) any number of Blackmagic Micro Cameras, in a multi-camera, or 360 camera rig.

The cables are most often used in conjunction with our in-house J-Boxes (3 and 4 cam versions) and with our Mini EYE™ rigs, but can also be used in any multi-camera Blackmagic micro camera set up, to provide power and genlock to the cameras from a central source. The connection to the camera uses the widely available 3-pin XLR connector. This lets you extend the cable with regular XLR extension cables such as microphone extension cables. At the other end of the cable is an expansion port connector which uses a proprietary pinout to connect to the Blackmagic micro cameras.

Each camera cable is made using the highest grade components. Neutrik and Amphenol connectors are paired with tough Mogami rubber cable, and make for a stellar combination of robustness, longevity, signal integrity, and ease-of-use. If you need to use these in the mud of Glastonbury, or the heat of the Sahara, you will be well set.

We take great care over each cable, injecting each end with epoxy, to make them incredibly robust. Each cable is tested before it goes out the door with a twist test, 40 lb weight test, and connectivity test, to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

These cables have been widely tested in the field for months, having been to the jungle for a PBS documentary, Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage, and on stage at Coachella among others. If you plan to use the Blackmagic Micro Cameras for any kind of camera array or 360 camera, these 360 Designs cables are the ones for you.


Camera Cable Specs

  • Simplify your cabling with the Blackmagic Micro Cameras
  • 6 ft. long highest quality rubber Mogami cable
  • Highest quality Amphenol locking camera connector
  • Highest quality Neutrik locking XLR connector
  • Compatible with our Mini EYE™ 360 camera systems and J-Boxes
  • Both ends injected with epoxy to make them weatherproof, robust and almost literally bullet proof
  • Each cable designed, tested, and hand built in California


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More Info

Cable weight: 0.225 lbs
Cable length: 6 feet

N.B. You will typically need 3 cables for a Mini EYE™ 3, and 4 cables for a Mini EYE™ 4.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

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