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Cooling System for GoPro based VR rigs

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This was an April Fool’s Posting 2016

360 Designs is excited to introduce a new cooling system for GoPro’s, which once and for all solves the problem of using GoPro’s for any kind of professional VR/360 use.

The GoPro, while a great little device, has the thermal temperament of a… 9 day old child. It can be great for building VR rigs, but you might want to stay close to a freezer, or only ever film in Alaska, assuming that is you want to film for longer than 10 minutes.

Under live 360 conditions, the GoPro 4 in particular will test your last remaining nerve.

But because we don’t in principle dislike GoPro’s, (we just want our hair back), 360 Designs is today unveiling its patented system for keeping these little buggers cool.

Integrated Cooling System for GoPro – Instructions only

With the virtual information we are supplying starting today, you can do the following:

  • Learn how to remove the Frontplate of a GoPro (because you want your camera to look like crap)
  • Add the perfectly sized heatsinks we’ve found (Amazon affiliate link provided)
  • How to remove the battery door (heads up – you won’t get it back on again)
  • Which fan to use and how to glue a fan to the back of the GoPro
  • Demonstrate how to retrofit the GoPro in a VR rig

As you can see in the pictures, we have done this on our own GoPro rigs, and we can assure you it works.

Finding the perfect fan was the hardest part. For the past 3 months we have tested more than 50 fans (and fan combinations). The exact fan we are recommending  is a trade secret. We can however tell you it’s made in Japan.

If you would like our secret information pack, that reveals all of the secrets of GoPro based cooling, we are selling it today for the bargain price of $1.99, knocked down from $420.

** This was an April Fool’s Post for 2016, and is not actually a real product. Please do not order. **

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