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Genlock cable


Approved genlock cable for the Mini EYE™ professional 360 cameras. Goes perfectly with our Genlock Kit.

You need one genlock cable for a Mini EYE™ 4, three genlock cables for a Mini EYE™ 3.

Two lengths available (user preference).

Clear selection

Three (3) genlock cables are needed for Mini EYE™ 3, only one (1) is needed for Mini EYE™ 4.

These high quality genlock cables are road-tested, and guaranteed compatible with our Mini EYE™ system.

Generally we recommend the 6″ version for most uses and the 12″ version if using the Mini EYE™ Monopod. If in doubt we suggest to get the 12″ version.


Genlock Cable Specs

  • Synchronize your Blackmagic camera array with industry standard genlock
  • Conforms to SMPTE standards
  • 75 ohm
  • Broadcast grade performance up to 60 fps


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More Info

Weight of cable: 0.1 lbs

Length of cable

6″ genlock cable, 12″ genlock cable

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