Mini EYE™ is Back! And with some Surprises…

We are excited to announce that v2 of Mini EYE™ is now in stock, and with some surprises.

There’s a heck of a lot of news, with some major announcements, so here’s the highlights:

  • Mini EYE™ is back in stock – you can order Mini EYE™ 3 or Mini EYE™ 4 right now
  • For the first time you can make-your-own Blackmagic 360 camera rig, using the same lenses used on Mini EYE™, with our new Mini EYE™ Starter Kit
  • We’ve added the option to purchase Mini EYE™ without the cameras (for those who already have them)
  • We are now offering for sale our Mini EYE™ Monopod
  • We are excited to launch StitchBox™ – our powerful, pro-grade live 360 stitching machine, and MixBox™ – a live 360 switching and 4k encoding box. This for the first time allows broadcast-grade, 4k 360 streaming at a realistic price. This follows months of field testing on major live 360 productions.
  • We are now offering individual Mini EYE™ parts for sale – such as J-Boxes, rig framescustom camera cables, genlock kits and more. This is a big change from offering complete camera packages only. If you are just getting started with Mini EYE™, you can begin with our starter kit and add parts as you need. Just follow the ‘Other items to consider’ links at the bottom of each product page, and check out our informative blog post ‘Make your own Mini EYE™ Camera
  • We are trialling a new program for students, individuals and small companies where you can ‘print your own rig‘ – for those with access to a 3D printer
  • We’ve updated our demo reel with new Mini EYE™ footage. See our Dropbox for high quality versions and notes on which camera is used where.

With these new products and offerings we hope to improve access to our cameras and live stitching equipment, lowering the barriers to entry for professional 360, and live 360 video.

In terms of our main product news, Mini EYE™ is now in its second generation, and has a number of improvements over the original. More details on the product pages for Mini EYE™ 3 and Mini EYE™ 4.

With our first limited edition of Mini EYE™, we produced just 20 cameras, which sold out early this summer in under a month. With this our second production run, we will be releasing inventory more steadily – 2 or 3 cameras per week at first. Orders will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis, with cameras shipping 2-3 weeks after order.

We have added a new wire transfer option for payment, for those looking to avoid credit card fees and to assist businesses. We are transitioning to channeling all orders through our website.

We have also added a new shipping option which is pick-up/delivery in L.A. Several overseas customers have flown to LA to pick up their kit, and we are happy to accommodate these requests. For non-overseas customers we provide a local delivery service. We do not have a showroom at this time.

All 360 Designs products are developed from our real world experiences in the field, producing professional 360 video for a range of clients. All 360 Designs products are hand-made in the USA.

We hope you like our new products!